Eclypseship 2
General information



Aerial Assault Synth

Individual information

5 (Easy), 8 (Medium), 12 (Hard), 17 (Very Hard) - Only RPG Hits


Pulse Cannon
Dark Energy Beam from its Belly Cannon

Game information


Eclypseship, sometimes referred to as The Dark Gunship, Dark Gunship, and Eclypse, is an autonomous dark synth assault aircraft. Also, Eclypseship is a fanon character that appears in Half-Life and TimeSplitters.


Eclypseship is an living creature like other any kind of Synths, especially Combine Synths but Eclypseship isn't a part of Combine which Eclypseship was created by the unknown affiliation but they are probably created by the dark affiliation, even from the Lunar Eclipse so they are possibly related to Combine Gunship since they are possibly cousins. Their design is same as Combine Gunship but it does have a different skin color since they are black and white, and with red lighting from the under.

Eclypseships are really friendly towards each other, but unfortunately they don't like between of the bad and good guys which they can be very aggressive towards them and will immediately kill them. But only if they can become friendly towards the good guys since they can be reprogrammed and become a part of the good guys. If they becomes a part of the bad guys if they are reprogrammed by one of the bad guys then they can will kill the good guys since they are a part of bad guys. Also they likes their possible cousins, Combine Gunships as well so they won't attack them.

Technically, Eclypseship and Combine Gunship are a bit different since they both can use their Pulse Cannon to shoot enemies but Combine Gunship doesn't have its own belly cannon to launch a energy beam to the ground near the enemies so Eclypseship does have its own belly cannon because they can shoot a dark energy beam to the ground near the enemies.

From the above about launching a beam to the ground. Eclypseship uses dark energy beam from their belly cannon which it is same from The Suppression Device's beam so they are really powerful and can kill the enemies easier and quickly.

Also like Combine Gunships, they only can get hit by RPG rockets. They take at least hits depending on any difficultly, but worse is, sometimes if there is multiple Eclypseships, and then they will cover each other because they will shoot down the rockets. In Hard and Very Hard mode, it will be really difficult to take them down. Actually, they aren't too bad in Medium mode and also there is no multiple Eclypseships in Easy mode.

Also their behavior is same in TimeSplitters as well. Since they have its own animations from Half-Life, they will act same in TimeSplitters, too.




  • Half-Life
  • TimeSplitters
  • Garry's Mod


  • Silence Of Citadel

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