Circus Shootout
Game Timesplitters 2
League ZacR110
Section Elimination Series
Mode Elimination
Map Circus
Character Lady Jane
Enemies Encountered Mr. Underwood
Slick Tommy
Jimmy Needles
Lean Molly
Jo-Beth Casey
Jared Slim
Rewards None
Medal Requirements 1st Place

Circus Shootout is an Arcade Custom Elimination match created by ZacR110 and takes place at the Circus. It is a 10-lives match.


There has been a lot of commotion after all of the tickets have been sold out for the big Circus event this month. To put an end to this, the Ringmistress had set up a fight to sell out one last ticket and keep her circus companions entertained in the meantime. Last man standing gets the last ticket to the show.


It is wise to find either the Tommy Gun x2 or the Minigun. Camping in the large tent is a good strategy since there is some health, the minigun, and the cloak + shrink powerups.


1. Luger Pistol x2

2. Crossbow

3. Shotgun

4. Tommy Gun x2

5. Minigun

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